Twitter tests optional one-time content warnings for sensitive posts

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Twitter is testing a feature that allows people to append one-time content warnings to images and videos they share through the platform. The company announced the test on Tuesday, noting it’s available to “some of you.” If you have access to the feature, you’ll see a new flag icon in the image editing interface, which you can access by tapping on the three dots icon that appears at the bottom right of a photo when you add one to a tweet. In its current iteration, you can add warnings for nudity, violence and otherwise sensitive content.

“The tweet author flagged this tweet as showing sensitive content,” says the warning Twitter appends to an image when you tell the app you’re sharing something sensitive. We’ve reached out to Twitter to see if the company will share more information about the feature. The test comes one week after the company banned the sharing of private images and videos without consent. This latest feature should help Twitter users protect their followers from accidentally exposing themselves to content that might be upsetting or otherwise difficult to watch.

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