Connor McDavid's massive house has hockey fans buzzing on social media

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Connor McDavid's house had the hockey world buzzing again.
Connor McDavid's house had the hockey world buzzing again.

Connor McDavid and his girlfriend Lauren Kyle were recently featured by Architectural Digest as the two offered up a tour of their home, which was designed by Kyle herself.

The three-story house is quite extravagant, as it features a basketball court and a large wine cellar, but one thing that is noticeably missing is colour of any sort.

As made abundantly clear by Twitter users, the McMansion is not for everyone.

While there were many detractors, there were also some people who actually said they didn't mind the house.

In the feature story, which can be found on Architectural Digest's website, Kyle and McDavid discuss how their home has become the squad's party spot.

“Connor being the captain, we knew we were going to have to host a lot,” Kyle said. “This house feels like it’s definitely an entertainer’s home.”

Their home doesn't scream "party" to me if I'm being honest, but that's just my two cents.

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