New Twitter accounts will have to wait 90 days before subscribing to Blue

The move is meant to discourage impersonators.

NurPhoto via Getty Images

Twitter may not be restoring Blue verification for a couple of weeks, but it hopes to be more careful when the feature comes back. The social network has updated its FAQ site to warn that new accounts will have to wait 90 days before they can subscribe to Blue. The company also says it reserves the right to demand waiting periods "at our discretion without notice."

The new policy comes shortly after Twitter blocked new accounts from joining Blue. Within two days of Twitter adopting its pay-to-verify system, the social media service grappled with a flood of impersonators and trolls using their new checkmarks to confuse users. The firm tried using a secondary "official" checkmark for public figures and organizations, but new Twitter owner scrapped the system mere hours after it launched.

Musk added that a "new release" would discourage fraudsters by dropping the Blue checkmark if they change their name — they wouldn't get it back until Twitter confirmed that the new handle honored the Terms of Service. There isn't yet any official policy to this effect, however.

There's plenty of pressure for revised policies like these. Senator Ed Markey has grilled Elon Musk over the ease of creating fake accounts under the new verification system, and suggested that Congress might intervene if the entrepreneur doesn't fix Twitter and his other brands. Twitter is also dealing with internal chaos as employees resign en masse in response to Musk's demands for "long hours" from "hardcore" staff.