Twilight star's new movie gets 0% rating on Rotten Tomatoe s

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Twilight star's movie has 0% Rotten Tomato ratingSaban Films

Twilight star Cam Gigandet's new movie Shrapnel has received an unwanted record on Rotten Tomatoes.

Premiering on Sky Cinema next month, Shrapnel sees Gigandet alongside Jason Patric (The Lost Boys) as two former marines face off against a Mexican cartel.

After the disappearance of his daughter, Sean (Patric) enlists the help of his old colleague Max (Gigandet) in order to track her down and rescue his daughter in a high stakes action thriller. Kesia Elwin, Mauricio Mendoza, and Guillermo Iván also star, while William Kaufman directs.

At the time of writing, the film currently sits at 0% on the review aggregator site, following seven less than enthralled reviews from critics.

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Spirit Entertainment - Sky

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Here's what some of the reviews have said so far.

Movie Nation

"Shrapnel is a straight-up 'They've taken my daughter' vengeance thriller, less logical and a bit on the absurd side... The shootouts are illogical and the many deaths perfuctory, save for the odd exploding head."

Common Sense Media

"With a complete lack of interest in suspense or character, this dull action thriller consists almost entirely of shoot-outs between grim-faced heroes and utterly generic villains.

"Shrapnel doesn't even begin with the kidnapping... It's as if the filmmakers decided against including such character-building moments in order to make room for more shooting."


"Cue an extended series of videogame-style chases and shootouts with heavy artillery and over-the-top kill shots. While that might satiate genre fans, the film squanders a potentially provocative backdrop in favor of boilerplate action."

jason patric, shrapnel
Spirit Entertainment - Sky

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"Cartel antagonisms rise up, but there’s little to the viewing experience beyond shoot-outs and pained faces.

"Shrapnel is buoyed by leading work from Jason Patric, who pushes to bring passably authentic emotions to an otherwise generic siege tale, giving as good a performance as one can possibly expect from a B-movie with limited storytelling goals."

Shrapnel will be available from October 1 on Sky Cinema.

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