TV tonight: Melanie Lynskey is terrifying in The Last of Us

The Last of Us

9pm, Sky Atlantic

Ellie and Joel are travelling in Bill’s truck this week, and they get to know each other better while driving the deserted roads. Prepare to become really invested in this curious twosome’s friendship. But it’s not long before the peace is disturbed – it’s not zombies this time, though … it is in fact Melanie Lynskey’s Kathleen, who is hellbent on finding a missing man called Henry. Hollie Richardson

Spring Walks

7.30pm, BBC Four

Dragons’ Den entrepreneur Sara Davies heads back up to North Yorkshire to take a long ramble with a 360-degree camera. Along the way, she opens up about motherhood, her time on Strictly and the importance of family support. The real emotion hits when the rain does. HR

The Traitors US

8pm, BBC Three

The casting of the US version of the vicious reality series has led to a subtly different and arguably less effective dynamic than in the UK iteration. But as the endgame approaches, it’s no less compelling. This week, a negative consensus is forming around Cody. But in the Traitors’ Turret, prepare for the mother of all plot twists. Phil Harrison

Putin vs The West

9pm, BBC Two

“Putin, who had long railed against intervening on foreign soil, had done just that.” The second episode of this compelling series focuses on Putin’s assertion of Russian power in the Middle East, including David Cameron’s recollection of a “bickerfest” after taking Putin to watch the judo at the London Olympics 2012 to try to bring him closer to the west. HR


9pm, ITV1

Crank up the TLC playlist because there are no scrubs tonight: overworked medics Maryam and Catherine are clocked out, glammed up and ready to hit the dancefloor. But even though poor Helen is left running the acute medical unit, all three find themselves coping with unexpected trauma as the moreish hospital drama continues. Graeme Virtue

SAS: Who Dares Wins – Jungle Hell

9pm, Channel 4

By far the dampest series yet gets even wetter as the 12 remaining recruits play a crashing, splashing game of “murderball” in a Vietnamese paddy field. Plus, an abseil into a cave full of bats sets off the height-phobic, and a find-the-gunman task causes rank panic. Jack Seale

Film choice

Never Rarely Sometimes Always (Eliza Hittman, 2020), 11:15pm, BBC Two

Sidney Flanigan as Autumn Callahan in Never Rarely Sometimes Always
Sidney Flanigan as Autumn Callahan in Never Rarely Sometimes Always. Photograph: Courtesy of Focus Features/AP

As a genre, “abortion drama” can be something you really need to gear up for, but that absolutely is not the case with Eliza Hittman’s tremendous indie about a pregnant teenager forced to travel from rural Pennsylvania to New York to have a termination. In lesser hands, a premise such as this would simply be a vehicle for histrionic point-scoring. Hittman, however, treats the subject with sensitivity and grace, which only adds to its power. And then there’s the lead actor Sidney Flanigan, a first-timer who is destined to be a megastar. You saw her here first. Stuart Heritage