TV tonight: footballer Andy Woodward’s brutal story about abuse

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A brutal dramatisation of football coach Barry Bennell’s sexual abuse of teenagers is powerful viewing. Plus: Don’t try this at the home – the finale of Wim Hof’s Freeze the Fear. Here’s what to watch this evening

9pm, BBC Two

Gerard Kearns is devastating as footballer Andy “Woody” Woodward in this brutal dramatisation of how coach Barry Bennell (a stomach-churning Jonas Armstrong) sexually abused Woody and other teenagers under his care for years. The feature-length episode is at times nearly too distressing to watch, but this bold approach adds to the power of Woody’s bravery in speaking out, putting his perpetrator behind bars and encouraging others to expose the hidden horrors of football. Hollie Richardson

DIY SOS: The Big Build
8pm, BBC One

The lovely community of Corby rallies together to help a local teenager. Jordan (who lives with cerebral palsy and constantly fundraises for charities) and his family are aided in completing the home they haven’t been able to finish due to money issues. HR

Freeze the Fear With Wim Hof
9pm, BBC One

It’s the contest finale, quite unnecessarily prefaced with a warning not to try this at home. “Think about everything you’ve been through in your life … this is nothing compared to that,” says Tamzin Outhwaite, prior to swimming under eight inches of ice. And for some brave souls, there’s still the Bridge Swing Challenge ahead. Ali Catterall

Jay Blades: No Place Like Home
9pm, Channel 5

In the last of the series, the Repair Shop’s Jay Blades revisits his old flat on the Peabody Trust Bethnal Green estate, and learns more about the man who gave the housing association its name – American-born philanthropist George Peabody. He also explores one of London’s “magnificent seven” cemeteries: the richly atmospheric Abney Park in Hackney. AC

Derry Girls
9pm, Channel 4

A bittersweet penultimate episode for the near-perfect comedy. The girls have tickets to see “modern-day Beethoven” Fatboy Slim play in Derry, but the night ends badly. Tune in again at 9pm tomorrow for the extended finale, set during the week of the referendum on the Good Friday agreement. HR

9.35pm, Channel 4

We wave farewell to another brilliant female-led comedy; this time it’s Lucy Beaumont’s Hull-set series. Feeling like a new woman after her first decent night’s sleep in ages, Toni plans a big party – where she learns some shocking news. HR

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