TV tonight: bittersweet return for Issa Rae’s awards-magnet drama

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9pm, Sky Comedy

It’s a bittersweet return for the fifth and final instalment of Issa Rae’s awards-magnet series. When we last saw Issa, she was dealing with the blow of Lawrence’s two bombshells: he was moving away for a new job, and his ex was expecting his baby. And misery loves company – Molly was also left in an emotional pickle after having the make-or-break talk with Andrew. So, what next? The friends re-evaluate their relationships to figure out who and what still matters. Hollie Richardson

The Great British Bake Off

8pm, Channel 4

Auf wiedersehen to German week, and filo to pastry week, sure to bring with it some failed puns of its own. Whose doughnuts will give them a choux-in for success and who will be left eating actual humble pie? Hannah J Davies

Impeachment: American Crime Story

9.15pm, BBC Two

“The president kissed me … ” And thus, the infamous Monica Lewinsky (Beanie Feldstein) and Bill Clinton (Clive Owen) affair begins. The intern keeps quiet while working in the Pentagon, but Linda Tripp (Sarah Paulson) is eager to find out who her secret love interest is, while a reporter is hungry to prove the president’s predatory nature. HR

Question Team

10pm, Dave

In this larkish DIY panel show, three funny contestants must also set the questions. Maisie Adam’s topic for her round is driving tests, Rosie Jones chooses dictators, and Nish Kumar is keen to talk movies. Can he get past persnickety host Richard Ayoade’s insistence on calling them “films”? Graeme Virtue

Stath Lets Flats

10.15pm, Channel 4

Stath is back, heroically boosting British comedy by failing at being a lettings agent. Jamie Demetriou’s Bafta-winning creation needs to rescue the family business, and fast – his baby with Carole is on the way, and his relationship with Katia is on the line. There’s also the fallout of Sophie and Al declaring their feelings for each other to deal with. HR

I Like The Way U Move

10.35pm, BBC One

The “Strictly curse” becomes the aim of the game in this leg-shaking dating show, hosted by Jamie Laing and Kaelynn “KK” Harris. As the rookies get to grips with the professionals, episode two sees a dance-off. Passable, but does anyone even fancy each other? HJD

Film choice

The Girl With a Pistol (Mario Monicelli, 1968), Tuesday, 10.45pm, Talking Pictures TV

Monica Vitti in The Girl With a Pistol.
Vengeance in mind … Monica Vitti in The Girl With a Pistol. Photograph: Everett Collection/Alamy

If you’ve been hankering to see Michelangelo Antonioni’s favourite actor team up with Alf Garnett’s son-in-law, then this 1968 caper is the film for you. Mario Moncelli, a successful purveyor of commedia all’italiana, cast Monica Vitti as Assunta, a vengeful young Sicilian woman in Britain on the hunt for the man who seduced and then dishonoured her. Tony Booth’s Sheffield engineer is among her brief encounters as she travels from Edinburgh to Brighton, through a series of fascinatingly dated, swinging-60s culture shocks. Simon Wardell

Live sport

League Cup Football: Arsenal v Leeds United 7pm, Sky Sports Main Event. Fourth-round match from Emirates Stadium.

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