TV legend Johnston reveals struggles with self-doubt: 'I'm not good at being me!'

Sue Johnston struggles with her self-confidence credit:Bang Showbiz
Sue Johnston struggles with her self-confidence credit:Bang Showbiz

Sue Johnston struggles with her self-confidence.

The 80-year-old actress has been a mainstay on British television for decades and finds it "easier" to act on screen than be herself so fears that work might eventually dry up.

She told Woman's Weekly magazine: "It’s pathetic, I know, but I’m just not good at being me. Really at my age, I should know better, but it’s a confidence thing and I’ve always had it. I’ve never had therapy for it, but it’s like you think you’re not very nice or people won’t like you. Where does that come from? I’ve had it since I was a kid. I think a lot of actors have it – that’s probably why we act, because to become someone else is much easier than to be yourself.

"When I’m working, I’m so happy. That’s why I dread drying up and not working again. That would just be tricky."

Meanwhile, the former 'Brookside' actress explained that isn't normally interested in taking part in reality TV but would love the chance to take part in the BBC Latin and ballroom show even though she thinks she is probably "too old" to do it now.

She told Woman's Weekly: "I don’t fancy reality shows, but I would have done 'Strictly'. I was asked, but at the time I couldn’t do it, and then when I was available, they didn’t ask, and now I’m probably too old!"

The 'Royle Family' star explained that she would like a shot on the programme because it would enable her to learn a new skill and was particularly impressed with how tennis legend Annabel Croft used her place in last year's show to deal with the grief of losing her husband Mel to cancer.

She said: "That’s the one I’d do because you learn something. It’s just wonderful to watch people who haven’t danced become dancers. And watching Annabel Croft last year overcome her grief and to see the love that she and Johannes [Radebe] had as partners, it was joyful. It wasn’t just about dance,

"I'd want Johannes. He is adorable. I would probably have been given Anton [Du Beke] and I certainly wouldn’t have minded Anton."