Turning The Real Estate Industry Upside-Down with Christian Davis and The Putnam Group

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FAIRFAX, VA / ACCESSWIRE / May 18, 2022 / For many, aside from picking your forever partner, purchasing a home is the biggest decision most will ever make. This is where you will eat, sleep, raise your family, make memories that last a lifetime and, for many, be the place you work as well. The second most important decision you'll make is who you entrust to guide you in your decision making process. Your agent should be someone who understands your wants, needs and future goals to ensure you find the perfect place to call home.

The Putnam Group, Tuesday, May 17, 2022, Press release picture
The Putnam Group, Tuesday, May 17, 2022, Press release picture

There's a reason why ten percent of real estate agents handle ninety percent of the deals and Christian Davis from The Putnam Group explains why.

"I am not a real estate agent, I am a market analyst, a coach, a marketer, and most importantly a friend," said Christian Davis.

But, Christian didn't just wake up one morning and begin selling 50+ homes a year. It took grit, dedication, and a greater purpose to impact the lives of others to make it happen. All of this wouldn't have been possible without Mike Putnam, CEO and Founder of The Putnam Group, who ensures Christian and the other Putnam Group team members have all the skills and resources necessary to succeed.

  • Since joining The Putnam Group team, Christian has sold over $100 Million in homes in the last 7 years. Starting with only one sale in six months, to then fourteen sales in 10 weeks at the age of 22, to now averaging over 50+ homes sold a year.

  • The Putnam Group embodies the core values that so many struggle to find elsewhere. "My goal wasn't to sell homes, it was to learn how to communicate with and impact people in a positive way, I wanted to possess the skill of being able to help someone make radical change in their life" said Christian Davis. "Since working with Mike, I feel like I've done just that".

  • The Putnam group announces a new goal to achieve 500+ homes sold per year by 2025.

The underlying reason for The Putnam Group's success boils down to one key component, their ability to bring in and develop individuals like Christian. The Putnam Group places an emphasis on both results and experience, not just numbers.

"I am a market analyst, most agents don't understand the little details that generate results, we do," said Davis. "It's not just a house, it's a home AND an investment, and we make sure every client is set up for not only happiness, but success."

The Putnam Group understands the market, which equips their clients with incredible investment opportunities, and Christian Davis understands people; put the two together and you're left with an unforgettable experience and a very happy homeowner.

Mike Putnam and Christian Davis have come a long way, but they're only just getting started.

"My goal is to get us to 500 homes sold in a year before 2025," said Davis. "I also personally want to acquire over 1000 apartment units within the next 36 months, and then the real work begins."

Christian wants to open three rehab facilities in every state to help others beat addiction and provide resources for veterans battling depression, PTSD, and financial literacy. Davis concluded by saying, "Real Estate is the vehicle to help others, and I'm driving."

When it comes to making one of life's biggest decisions, it's important to work with someone who gets it. Christian Davis and the Putnam Group, well, they just get it.

About The Putnam Group

The Putnam Group is a full service real estate team committed to delivering extraordinary customer service as they escort their clients through the process of buying or selling their homes. Founded in 1998, by Mike Putnam, the company has sold close to 1 Billion in real estate and continues to be ranked in top real estate teams in the Washington DC metro area.

Name: Christian Davis
Phone: +1(703) 853-7098
Email: christian@putnamgroupsells.com

SOURCE: The Putnam Group

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