Tuesday morning UK news briefing: Sir Keir Starmer clashes with Labour over Brexit

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Morning UK news briefing: Today's top headlines from The Telegraph
Morning UK news briefing: Today's top headlines from The Telegraph

Sir Keir Starmer is facing a Labour revolt over Brexit after he vowed not to take Britain back into the Single Market.

In a keynote speech on Britain's future outside the European Union, Sir Keir pledged to "make Brexit work" and said he would not seek to join the Single Market or a customs union.

But before he had even delivered his remarks, the Labour leader faced a backlash from within his own ranks, with Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London, openly contradicting him.

It comes as Sir Keir is expected to find out this week whether he will be fined over beergate, when he was caught on camera drinking a beer in a local MP's office after a day of campaigning for local elections last spring.

In her own speech at the Institute of Public Policy Research, Angela Rayner decided to reveal she refuses to allow Hansard to correct her grammar in Parliament in order to stay true to her working-class roots.

Sir Keir Starmer gave a speech in which he pledged that Labour would not take Britain back into the Single Market - Leon Neal/Getty Images
Sir Keir Starmer gave a speech in which he pledged that Labour would not take Britain back into the Single Market - Leon Neal/Getty Images

This was after a weekend of devastating headlines for the Tories after the allegations made against Chris Pincher but despite the Prime Minister appearing at the despatch box in the Commons on Monday, Labour did not mention the scandal-hit MP once.

Tim Stanley sketched the day in Parliament where it seemed not even a sex scandal could force this opposition into a debate.

Sherelle Jacobs warns Conservatism may be in crisis, but the Left does not have any answers.

Meanwhile, the Welsh Labour Government has announced that councils will be able to cap the number of second homes in their towns and villages.

BA cancelling July flights for 105,000 holidaymakers

British Airways is axing flights for up to 105,000 holidaymakers this month, plans have shown.

Britain's biggest airline has told airport slot authorities that it is cancelling more than 650 flights from Heathrow and Gatwick in order to avoid a repeat of last month's travel chaos.

More than 76,000 seats are being axed from Heathrow and 29,400 from Gatwick on flights to more than 70 destinations including Malaga, Ibiza, Parma, Faro and Athens.

It comes ahead of a further series of cancellations to summer flights, due to be announced this week and aimed at minimising disruption in the peak holiday season.

Monday saw the first major casualty of the growing anger over flight disruption when Peter Bellew, easyJet's chief operating officer, resigned from his post.

Camilla picks Kate for birthday Country Life portrait

As the future Queen Consort, she had her pick of the world's most renowned portrait photographers.

But from the moment she agreed to guest edit the July edition of Country Life to mark her 75th birthday, the Duchess of Cornwall knew who she wanted behind the lens for her cover shot: the Duchess of Cambridge.

The result is an "enormously relaxed" image of the Duchess taken in the place she is happiest; the garden at her private home, Ray Mill in Lacock, Wilts.

With minimal focus on hair or make-up, the photograph encapsulates the close bond that has developed between the two Duchesses, who share a common destiny.

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Around the world: Six dead in July 4 mass shooting

A gunman sprayed bullets from a rooftop into a July 4 parade in an affluent Chicago suburb, leaving six dead and shattering Independence Day celebrations as the US was still raw from a string of mass shootings. Police said person-of-interest Robert E "Bobby" Crimo III, 22, had been arrested "without incident" on Monday evening following a manhunt spanning several hours. The "methodical and military style" killings left about 30 injured as paradegoers scattered in panic when the gunman opened fire minutes after the event started in Highland Park.

A police officer walks down Central Ave in Highland Park after the shooting - Brian Cassella/Chicago Tribune via AP
A police officer walks down Central Ave in Highland Park after the shooting - Brian Cassella/Chicago Tribune via AP

Comment and analysis

Sport briefing: England close in on record run chase

Soon it will be easier to grab a ticket for Glastonbury than to watch England play Test cricket. It took just 90 minutes from Warwickshire announcing free entry on Monday for all 21,000 tickets to go with fans desperate to see England complete the most astonishing victory of an extraordinary month of English Test cricket's counterculture under Brendon McCullum. With Joe Root in full flow and partnered by the reborn Jonny Bairstow in a fourth wicket stand already worth 150, England need another 119 runs to chase down 378 against India, more than any total they have ever scored to win a Test match before. In football, Todd Boehly will check with Thomas Tuchel whether or not he wants Chelsea to make a bid for Cristiano Ronaldo as the club attempts to wrap up a move for Raheem Sterling ahead of the squad's US tour.

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Business briefing: 'Back reactor or miss green targets'

Boris Johnson must give approval for a pioneering Rolls-Royce mini nuclear reactor project in the next six months or risk delaying a project vital to his green energy revolution, the company has warned. Rolls will be unable to meet a target of deploying its first reactor by 2029 unless ministers place an order before the end of the year according to Tom Samson, the project's chief executive. The company's small modular reactors (SMRs) are expected to play a key part in the Prime Minister's plans for an energy revolution. Read how the sites will contribute to Britain’s energy needs if approved on time, with Mr Johnson wanting nuclear to generate about a quarter of the UK’s power by 2050.

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