TSSA Safety Checks Are In Place for the CNE

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Toronto, Aug. 19, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- “All TSSA safety checks are in place for the CNE,” said Alexandra Campbell, spokesperson for the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA)

In advance of the CNE opening, TSSA is confirming that all safety checks are in place as part of its ongoing comprehensive plan to ensure public safety.

  • All operating rides at the CNE have received a TSSA inspection and valid permit.

  • TSSA safety inspections have been completed by highly qualified and certified TSSA employees.

  • All operating rides require a daily inspection over the course of the CNE by TSSA-certified amusement device mechanics as set out in regulation.

  • All food trucks, food trailers and food concessions will be checked for fuels safety to ensure they are authorized by TSSA and have been inspected.

  • TSSA’s Fuels Safety team will review fuels safety throughout the CNE grounds.

  • CNE’s third-party safety engineering firm are onsite to provide additional safety inspections.

The strike has not impacted the nature of safety inspections at this year’s CNE.  All safety inspections that would regularly occur any year for the CNE have occurred and will continue to take place.

During the duration of the strike, non-union employees, such as supervisors, with the required training, certification, and experience have performed inspections. In some cases, these are TSSA’s most highly qualified amusement device inspection experts.

Rest assured that all safety standards for the CNE are being met and that all amusement devices and equipment will conform to the Technical Standards and Safety Act, 2000 and applicable regulations, codes and standards. Additionally, TSSA inspectors will be available throughout the duration of the CNE in case additional support is required.

TSSA is the province’s technical safety regulator.


CONTACT: Alexandra Campbell TSSA 14167346227 media@tssa.org