Try Maple Syrup To Seriously Elevate Your Whiskey Sour

maple syrup
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Classic cocktails have been having a moment, and none more deserving than the venerable whiskey sour. The simple mix of fresh lemon juice, simple syrup, and whiskey, shaken and served on ice can be ready in moments without a lengthy list of items needed. For a fall-inspired taste upgrade, swap out the simple syrup for rich maple syrup. The toasty vanilla notes of the whiskey blend seamlessly with the caramel hints from the syrup, creating a combination that enhances the inherent tastes of both ingredients. This straightforward modification adds a seasonal touch to the timeless whiskey sour for a familiar yet elevated cocktail experience.

Because the drink has so few ingredients, it's worth opting for the best quality for each one. Squeeze fresh lemons for the best and brightest acidity, and don't skimp on the whiskey. For the maple syrup, look for a dark or very dark grade to get the most maple flavor; lighter maple syrups lack the depth of flavor to stand out in this drink.

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Maple Magic

maple whiskey sour
maple whiskey sour - Brent Hofacker/Shutterstock

To accentuate the maple flavor profile, consider incorporating a playful garnish that complements the richness of the cocktail. Demerara sugar, with its crunchy texture and warm undertones, aligns seamlessly with the whiskey and maple notes. An easy way to introduce this element is by rimming the glass with demerara sugar. Begin by dipping the glass rim in maple syrup, then press it into a dish of the sugar, allowing the rim to dry slightly before pouring in the shaken cocktail. This uncomplicated yet effective touch not only adds a visually appealing aspect to the drink but also brings an additional layer of autumn-inspired sweetness to each sip.

Modern whiskey sours often include an egg white in the shake to make a foamy top, and that pillowy white surface is the perfect place to float a garnish. Echoing a sister drink, the Pisco Sour, you could dot the foam with drops of maple bitters, or even try a few droplets of maple syrup. It's a simple yet effective way to elevate the modern whiskey sour, offering a fusion of texture and flavor that's sure to be a hit.

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