Trump Shares ‘Shocking’ Image of Biden Bound, Gagged as Critics Say He Is ‘Dangerously Unhinged’

Donald Trump came under fire Friday after posting a video depicting President Joe Biden bound and gagged in the back of a pickup truck to his Truth Social account.

The clip, captioned “3/28/24 | LONG ISLAND, NEW YORK…” and set to somber orchestral music, shows a pickup truck speeding through the rain decorated with Trump campaign promos and a so-called “thin blue line” American flag whipping in the wind off its back.

On the tail end of the truck is a decal fantasizing what’s inside its covered bed: a bound and gagged Biden laying on his side, as if kidnapped.

Some users on X ran to former President Trump’s defense over the post, with one calling liberals “hypocrites” for being upset over the clip but previously defending Kathy Griffin for photographing herself with a decapitated Trump in 2017.

But for the most part, onlookers were horrified that a former president and current Republican party presidential nominee would promote such violent imagery.

“Anyone else would’ve been locked up by now,” wrote political strategist Lindy Li on X, admonishing Trump’s conduct on social media.

“We do not need this dangerously unhinged man back in the Oval Office,” the account for Republicans Against Trump wrote.

“Imagine if Joe Biden tweeted out a video of someone driving down the road with an image of Trump tied up in the back of a pickup truck,” producer and filmmaker Morgan J. Freeman added.

Read on for a full roundup of the social media responses to Trump promoting the kidnapping of Biden, which saw calls for the Secret Service to get involved, imprisonment and more.

“Is this the man you want as your leader?” political commentator Brian Krassenstein asked.

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