President blames Hillary Clinton after mic stops working at rally

Chris Riotta,Joe Sommerlad,Justin Vallejo and Graeme Massie
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US president Donald Trump in Arizona on Monday (AFP via Getty Images)
US president Donald Trump in Arizona on Monday (AFP via Getty Images)

Donald Trump continued to mock 60 Minutes and its host Lesley Stahl at his campaign rally in Erie, Pennsylvania.

“You have to watch what we do to 60 Minutes, you are going to love it, you are going to get a kick out of it. Lesley Stahl is not going to be happy,” said Mr Trump.

Mr Trump also joked that when his microphone went down that Hillary Clinton was behind the technical problems.

Earlier Mr Trump went to battle with 60 Minutes after walking out on an interview with Ms Stahl. The president later threatened to release the interview footage before the 60 Minutes airing so people could see what he called a "terrible electoral intrusion".

To round out day of attacks, the president also went after Joe Biden and warned that Thursday’s presidential debate on NBC will go against him because he’s facing “a stacked deck” and a biased moderator.

Meanwhile, the first lady cancelled her plans to travel with the president as part of his re-election bid after her spokesperson said she had a “lingering cough” remaining from her Covid-19 diagnosis. The statement comes after Melania Trump said she recovered from the novel virus last week.

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