Trump news - live: DOJ probes ‘pardon bribery scheme’, as election official says president ‘inspiring violence’

Joe Sommerlad,Rory Sullivan and Justin Vallejo
·1 min read

Attorney General William Barr revealed the Department of Justice has been investigating allegations of voter fraud but has not uncovered evidence of enough to have changed the results of the US presidential election.

It comes as the campaign of Donald Trump filed its long-promised lawsuit in Wisconsin in an attempt to invalidate hundreds of thousands of absentee ballots in two Democrat-leaning counties.

Trump himself, meanwhile, is reportedly considering pardoning his personal attorney - former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani, who has led his disastrous legal challenge to Joe Biden’s election victory - before he leaves office in January. Giuliani has denied the report as “fake news”.

On the same day, newly-unsealed court documents revealed the Department of Justice is investigating claims that money may have been funnelled to the White House in return for a presidential pardon, though no specific individuals have since been identified as being involved.

The president has also continued to stew over his defeat on social media, even sharing a tweet that asks “why bother voting for Republicans?”

The post comes amid a war of words with the GOP governor of Arizona, Doug Ducey, and his Georgia counterpart Brian Kemp over their failure to overturn results in the president’s favour, despite Giuliani’s team failing to produce any credible evidence whatsoever to justify his claims of mass voter fraud.