Trump haunts Jimmy Fallon and the 'Tonight Show'

Nightmares abound on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon as the host revealed in a Halloween sketch that some strange things had been happening around studio 6B at Rockefeller Plaza.

The sketch opened with Fallon receives several news alerts about Donald Trump. The news stories became more and more absurd as some of the headlines read, "Trump: U.S. Will start deporting ugly people."

As Fallon looked outside 30 Rock he saw the FOX News ticker read, "President Trump loses White House in golf bet."

Then Fallon ran into one of his writers who said, "Did you hear that Trump wants to move America closer to the sun so he can be warm?"

As Fallon tried to escape this Trumptopian nightmare he found himself in an elevator. He told his fellow occupant, "I just feel like trump is everywhere. I can't get away from that guy." It was then that he realized the other person in the elevator was Trump - or the Fallon version of Trump.