Trump complains about Democrats’ rallying cry to ‘resist’

President Trump admitted that he likes divisive rhetoric as a campaign tactic, but now finds it frustrating when it is used by Democrats to counter his agenda.

“Their theme is resist,” Trump said during an interview aired on “Fox & Friends” Sunday. “I happen to like it from the standpoint of running for office. But I think it’s a terrible theme in terms of getting elected. And more importantly, I think it’s a terrible theme for the people of this country — resist, obstruction. That’s not what they want.”

“It would be so great if the Democrats and Republicans could get together, wrap their arms around it, and come up with something that everybody’s happy with,” he said, referring to the controversial proposal to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act released by Senate Republicans last week.  “It’s so easy, but we won’t get one Democrat vote — not one.”

He later described health care as a “very complicated subject” and argued that “honestly, nobody can be totally happy.”

Trump, who regularly slams Democrats on Twitter, decried “the level of hostility” between Republicans and Democrats in Congress, and said that he has “open arms” to bipartisanship, while also taking the opportunity to make digs at opponents such as Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

“She’s a hopeless case,” Trump said of the Massachusetts Democrat, who has been an outspoken opponent of the recently unveiled Senate health care bill. “I call her ‘Pocahontas,’ and that’s an insult to Pocahontas.”

Trump also admitted that he had criticized the House Republicans’ American Health Care Act as “mean,” and accused former President Obama of using his term in a lengthy Facebook post in which he called the Senate health care bill “a massive transfer of wealth” built on “fundamental meanness.”

“He actually used my term, ‘mean,’” Trump said, confirming reports that he’d privately called the proposed House healthcare legislation “mean” despite previously praising the bill as a “great plan” in public.

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