True Crime Series 'Cops' Receives Reboot at Fox Nation

Two years after the announcement of its cancellation at Parmount Network, true crime series Cops has been picked up by Fox News' streaming service Fox Nation.

Cops ended in its 33rd season and was the longest-running reality TV show in America. It was initially pulled from Paramount Network in the summer of 2020 following the events of the killing of George Floy which led to a nationwide protest against police forces. The series was just one of many police-related shows at the time that were dropped or rewritten.

The new season of Cops is slated to hit the small screens at the end of the month and will debut with three new episodes before dropping weekly releases. Variety reports a quote from Jason Klarman, president of Fox Nation on why the show has been rebooted stating, "It has been nearly one year since we greenlit Cops and the reaction has been positively overwhelming. Our subscribers continue to flock to the series and we're excited to provide our engaged audience with more of the exclusive content they have come to rely on from Fox Nation.

Watch Cops starting on September 30 on Fox Nation.

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