Trish shocked as she is EVICTED from Big Brother - after crowd chants 'Trish will win!'

Trish has been evicted from Big Brother credit:Bang Showbiz
Trish has been evicted from Big Brother credit:Bang Showbiz

Trish Balusa has been evicted from 'Big Brother'.

The 33-year-old stay-at-home mum had been taking part in the ITV reality show but looked shocked when she became the latest housemate to face the chop at the hands of the viewing public on Friday (10.11.23), just moments after the studio audience was heard chanting "Trish will win!"

Speaking to hosts AJ and Will, she said: "I'm shocked because I thought everyone would know what is best for them. But this was my third nomination and I'd started to think 'Should I be looking at this a bit more closely?'"

Trish - who had been nominated by Chanelle, Tom and Jenkin - claimed that she experienced a lot of "microaggressions" from her fellow housemates and after infamously falling out with fellow evictee Chanelle Bowen this week, claimed that the Welsh beauty's "sensitivity" was no longer her issue.

She added: "I thought that they did like me to my face, but then I'd hear something bitchy. There was a lot of microaggressions and Tom would be like 'I'm not trying to argue but...' and I'd be like 'Well I'm not trying argue either because I could win!' People saw me as aggressive when I was just existing."

"Overall with the housemates, that was quite constant. With Chanelle, whenever something came up, we'd have a conversation and clear it up. But then it was something else that would come up and she was expecting me to have sympathy."

"I started to understand that Chanelle, Tom, and Jenkin didn't care about me as an individual. They were just approaching me to show TV that everything was okay. When I spoke to Olivia, there was a lot of reflection but then with Chanelle, maybe her sensitivity wasn't my issue anymore."

"During her time in the house. Trish had also fallen out with Paul - whom she had accused of being a bully - and Dylan after he accused her of being "aggressive" but she insisted upon her exit that she still sees herself as "empathetic" and claimed she had been "labelled" by her co-stars.

She said: "When I look back it, I'm like 'Oh s***, this is what my mum talks about'. I'm quite tolerant with things but with Dylan, there was a build-up. Being called aggressive just carried the narrative of being the angry black woman but I think my responses were quite thoughtful. Why is it when I'm being empathetic that I'm still being labelled as aggressive? I know because I'm a black woman it's so easy to be labelled under the negatives."

Asked who she would like to win the series, she said: "For me, it's between Yinrun and Jordan."