I Tried JLo Beauty to Get the Star's Ageless Skin—Here’s What Happened

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Get ready for that J. Lo glow.



Like many other purveyors of skincare, I’ve generally been skeptical when it comes to celebrity beauty brands—largely because there are just so many of them. But when Jennifer Lopez’s skincare collection JLo Beauty first emerged on the scene, I’ll admit it made sense. I mean, the woman is 53 with 25-year-old skin.

My curiosity peaked when I tried the JLo Beauty Hydrafacial in Los Angeles this year (Lopez launched the JLo Beauty Booster, which was designed to supplement the traditional hydrafacial with added hydration). What resulted was four days of an unbelievably dewy, clear complexion (or that J. Lo glow, as they say)—and a desire to learn more about the rest of her line. After hearing J. Lo herself hype up the collection’s hero ingredient—the JLo Beauty Olive Complex (a four-part blend of squalane, fermented oil, extra virgin oil and leaf extract)—I had to try it for myself. Keep reading for my opinion of all eight products I tried.

JLo Body FIRM + FLAUNT Targeted Booty Balm

The newest addition to the collection, this product feels the most on-brand for the star. Focused on firming and hydrating the booty (and other body parts) while minimizing the appearance of stretch marks, this seems like the biggest draw for a super-fan. While I don’t see the difference between this and other body creams, I will say I appreciate the product’s extremely rich consistency (a little goes a long way) and its tried-and-true ingredients for hydrating (shea butter, squalane, caffeine, and hyaluronic acid). 


Another newbie to the collection, this is the line’s only overnight, alpha hydroxy acid-based application. With no face masks up to this point (only a sheet mask), this presumably serves a traditional mask’s purpose. Packed with glycolic acid, willow bark extract, grapeseed oil, and hyaluronic acid, this proclaimed “overnight facial in a bottle” aims to gently exfoliate, refine texture, and revive complexion. This is the only product I received in a glass bottle (the others are plastic), and it’s pretty mesmerizing what one thin layer can do. The formula feels gentle and lightweight on my skin, there’s no aroma, and my skin truly does feel softer and look more vibrant in the morning.

THAT HIT SINGLE Gel Cream Cleanser

When it comes to skincare, I’ve probably tried more cleansers than anything else. And while I don’t think this product offers anything you can’t get elsewhere, I will say that it’s a solid, universally appealing pick for all skin types. The formula (packed with that trademarked olive complex, glycolipid, and rice bran extract) feels soothing on my skin, while I notice a clearer complexion post-use. Since it’s the most affordable one of the line, it’s a good one to dip your toes into if you’re new to the line. 


Derived from sugar, Japanese rice sake, and yeast, this product aims to soothe, condition, brighten, and plump. The consistency is odorless and extremely lightweight, and while many serums I use tend to pill (especially when combined with other products), I don’t have that issue here at all. 


Remember when I said a little goes a long way with these products? That sentiment is multiplied tenfold with this cream. Formulated with a more water-binding form of hyaluronic acid, alongside yeast-derived ferment, peptides, and the brand's signature olive complex, this decadent formula (it feels super luxe) aims to plump and hydrate. The main takeaway—the glow. While there isn’t a face oil in this collection, this cream alone will give you a J. Lo-worthy finish.


Derived from sugar and packed with peptides, this product aims to mask dark circles, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and boost luminosity. While I can’t speak too much on long-term results, the rich-yet-silky consistency applies easily, absorbs quickly, and leaves the under-eye area soft and uber-hydrated.

THAT BIG SCREEN Broad Spectrum SFP 30 Moisturizer

Mutitaskers, listen up: If you’re looking for a good two-in-one, this product contains two things we all need: SPF and moisturizer. Thanks to hyaluronic acid and glycerin, your skin should stay hydrated—while marine bamboo blocks blue light. And don’t worry about a white cast—the formula blends into skin effortlessly. 

THAT STAR FILTER Complexion Booster

Saving the best for last, my favorite product of the collection is That Star Filter, a trio of flashy, iridescent liquids aimed to contour, bronze, and highlight. On the website, the star applies each product solely with her finger for an effortless, natural glow. I attempted the same process on my TikTok, and I was able to achieve a professional-level bronzed glow with just my fingers.

Just be wary of applying too much product—applying too much really heightened the appearance of my pores. And if contouring isn’t for you, apply a light layer of the Deep Bronze on the cheeks, Rose Gold as blush, or Pink Champagne as highlighter. Either way, this is your best bet for scoring that signature J. Lo glow in moments!

Something I appreciate about this line versus other celebrity skincare brands is that it only focuses on the skincare essentials (cleanser, moisturizer, eye cream, serum, overnight treatment, and sunscreen). Despite its simple ingredients list, the packaging looks super luxe (read: looks great on a vanity) and fits J. Lo’s brand perfectly.

I found that all of the products are super hydrating yet feel lightweight once absorbed, despite some richer consistencies. And if you have sensitive skin or are averse to fragrance, these items contain the faintest to no aromas. While the line likely won’t conquer any major skin concerns such as acne or wrinkles (and doesn’t claim to), if you strive for that signature glow-on-the-go, the entire collection is super streamlined and will help you achieve just that.

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