Triangular ‘marvel’ house listed in NY has people asking if the Avengers are in town

Screen grab from Zillow

A stunningly original design has landed on the real estate market in New York — one that has left some folks speechless.

The one-bedroom, three-bathroom house is listed for $760,000 and sticks out from the ordinary homes around it.

“Unique triangular architectural marvel in the heart of Buffalo, NY,” the listing on says. “Additional studio/ garage space in back, along with terrace in backyard. Faces a small park. Includes vacuum elevator between floors for easy access.”

The listing says that the 2,000-square-foot home has been put up for sale by the owner and is close to downtown Buffalo and Niagara Falls.

Its captivating exterior — and that vacuum elevator inside — started quite a stir on Zillow Gone Wild, a Facebook page and Twitter account that highlights quirky houses for sale. And some people are a tad perplexed.

That’s acute house!” one person joked.

“Buffalo snow storms roof load: 6+ feet of snow, 120+ lbs per sq ft. Engineer of this house: ‘hold my beer,’” another said.

“I feel like this is like … an Avengers satellite location,” someone noted.

“Very cool triangular home, but I can only live in houses shaped like hexagons,”one person said.

“I actually dig this,” another commented.

I need this kind of architecture in my life,” someone tweeted.

“So that’s what it must be like to live in a PS5,” one person joked.

I love to feel like the walls are closing in on me,” another said.

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