Trevor Noah Pokes Fun at Conservative Dating App Prompt About Jan. 6 Insurrection (Video)

Trevor Noah had plenty to say about the new conservative dating app, The Right Stuff, during Monday’s episode of “The Daily Show.”

The app was created by three former Trump officials and is backed by right wing billionaire Peter Thiel. Noah’s segment began with a clip from a Fox News interview with Jon McEntee, one of the founders, who claimed he was motivated to create the app because “girls would just get up or leave abruptly” during dates after learning that he and his friends worked for the Trump administration.

“To be fair, you can’t assume these women left the date because of your politics. You can’t assume that,” Noah teased. “I mean, let’s be honest. President Trump staff got fired like every week, right? Every single week they were getting fired. Maybe they just didn’t want to date someone who was about to be broke. You don’t know.”

Noah also added that he wasn’t quite sure he believed the story in the first place, considering social media paired with today’s technology makes it incredibly simple to find out basic information about people before ever meeting them.

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“When does anyone go on a date and not know what the person does ahead of time? It’s 2022. We all have the internet,” he said. “By the time you get to the restaurant, you know their job, their friends, their dating history. If they’ve taken a picture on a beach after the 2005, you’ve seen it.”

The late night host then began showing his audience some of the prompts that are available for The Right Stuff users to display to potential matches on their profile, including their favorite conservative pundit and their favorite Bible verse. The one that caught his attention, though, read: “January 6th was…”

“Good luck out there to all you conservatives hoping to match with that special FBI agent monitoring the site,” Noah joked.

He ended the segment by introducing his own dating app, called Hate F—. A hilarious fake ad promised users that the site would be “guaranteed to create a spark” by matching you with someone whose beliefs you absolutely detest. Watch the full segment above.

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