What’s trending on Google ‘near me?’ Here’s what Charlotte searched for in 2021

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It’s been a weird year, Charlotte, but our Google searches were pretty ... normal. As folks got vaccinated and began to emerge from a COVID quarantine bubble, Google queries for things “near me” started to reflect what life looked like before the pandemic changed our day-to-day.

Here are the top trending “near me” searches in the Queen City for the year according to Google’s Year in Search 2021.

  • covid vaccine near me

  • movie theater near me

  • covid testing near me

  • car wash near me

  • breakfast near me

  • hibachi near me

  • places to eat near me

  • houses for rent near me

  • bars near me

  • nail salon near me

It makes sense — people want to get vaccinated so they can spend time with loved ones, but also so they can see a film, enjoy a hibachi meal or hang out at the local bar.

According to data from NYdatabases.com, 81.23% of the population in Mecklenburg has at least one dose of the vaccine and 60.40% is fully vaccinated as of Dec. 7, 2021. So if you are out responsibly enjoying your time out on the town, make sure you tip the folks providing services for you.

Want to know more about what the world was searching for? Check out Google’s top global trends for 2021.

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