A new trend calls for skipping the flower girl at your wedding—and having a ‘flower granny’ instead

flower grannies on instagram - Joshua Huggett Media

If you’re getting married this year, there’s a new wedding trend for 2024 that you have to see. You may want to consider skipping the flower girl, because this year is all about the “flower granny”, and they might be the best thing to ever happen to weddings.

The trend was highlighted in a viral video posted by wedding videographer Joshua Huggett, who shared a video and photos of a wedding he attended that had flower grannies instead of the more traditional flower girl. Seeing the bride’s beaming grandmas walk down the aisle arm in arm in their wedding outfits (with corsages too, of course) scattering flower petals to prepare it for her—our hearts can hardly take it.

The flower grannies look like they’re having the best time. And since grandparents don’t have a traditional role in weddings, this is such an amazing way to include them! It’s fun and meaningful, and the photos are just precious. I would cherish those memories forever.

In the comments, people are loving this unconventional, yet genius idea.

“I have goosebumps head to toe! The smiles on the grannies’ faces …. Priceless!!!!!!! Well done! Wishing u a long happy wonderful married life!!! (Hope this trend catches on… it’s truly beautiful!)” one commenter wrote.

Another commenter added, “How sweet, that will be the best memory ever. To have two grandparents at a wedding is so special and to have them share the moment is even more special.”

Another had this great idea for a twist on the trend that allows you to include it, but without completely skipping the tradition of having a flower girl: “What if you had both. It would be a beautiful representation of the stages of life. The youngest and the eldest lead the way for the bride. Beginning, middle and end.


Would you do this at your wedding?