Tree Falls on Off-Road Vehicle in Parking Lot as Severe Storm Hits Western Australia

A severe weather warning was issued for parts of Western Australia for July 26 and into July 27, as heavy rain and strong winds hit the region.

Footage captured by Matthew Hughes on July 26 shows a tree being uprooted by a powerful gust before falling on top of an off-road vehicle parked underneath it.

Hughes told Storyful that he shot the video while he was coaching at the HBF Arena in Joondalup, and was waiting for the rain to pass.

“The wind started picking up making the trees go crazy, so I started Snapchatting it to my girlfriend and friends. As I did a huge gust came and uprooted the tree. Lucky no one was inside,” he said.

Sharing Hughes’ video to Twitter on July 27, the Bureau of Meteorology, Western Australia, wrote, “Please stay safe everyone, dangerous winds will ease from the west coast this morning and contract to the south coast by mid to late afternoon.”

The Bureau also noted that the severe weather warning for July 27 had been cancelled. Credit: Matthew Hughes via Storyful

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