Travis Kelce Just Fueled Those Taylor Swift Engagement Rumors

He also alluded to making a baby.

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Travis Kelce just sent Swifties into a major spiral with some suggestive quotes that fueled those Taylor Swift engagement rumors. On Wednesday's episode of New Heights With Jason and Travis Kelce, Travis made a joke about lab-grown diamonds in a now-viral clip that has Swift's fans quaking.

While speaking about NBA star Victor Wembanyama, Travis quipped that the athlete may have been made in a lab, much like lab-grown diamonds. "Lab-grown diamonds? Lab-grown NBA player?"

"I can't wait until I fucking make one," Travis said slyly before taking a sip of his energy drink. OK, this man knew exactly what he was doing. But the question still remains: was he talking about a lab-grown diamond engagement ring or ... making a human?

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His older brother Jason jumped in to warn Travis that he was encroaching dangerous territory for internet sleuths. “Do not do this," he teasingly scolded his brother. "Do not give any more conspiracy theorists anything else to latch onto, please.”

Swifties were immediately gagged and shared the funny clip on social media. One fan posted the video with the caption, "Travis talking about a baby man is in love." Another user made a green screen TikTok noting that Travis sent the "Swifties into a spiral." "You'd figure by now he'd know better."

Over on X (formerly known as Twitter), fans went crazy over Travis's statement. "Okay, but what does Travis Kelsey [sic] know about lab-grown diamonds... and then immediately following it up with wanting a kid?" one user wrote.

Elsewhere during the podcast, Travis referenced his girlfriend again by singing a line from her hit song "Bad Blood" when speaking about former Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Kenny Pickett. "Kenny and the Steelers — their relationship ended in a bit of bad blood," he explained, melodically adding the last part. "Kenny is saying he preferred to move on."

A Swift fan account shared the clip, writing, "How can anyone not love Trav?"

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