Travis Kelce jokes he tried to shush Patrick Mahomes during Chiefs’ 13-second drive

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The crazy thing about the Kansas City Chiefs moving into field-goal range despite getting the ball with 13 seconds to play in their game* against the Buffalo Bills, is they did it with time to spare.

*If you really don’t know which game, it’s the AFC Divisional playoff contest in January

When tight end Travis Kelce was tackled after a 25-yard reception, there were 3 seconds on the clock, meaning the Chiefs’ drive had 2 seconds to spare.

Kelce was asked Thursday about those 13 seconds while talking with ESPN’s Joe Buck and Michael Collins. Kelce shared insight on what happened after Buffalo took a timeout with 8 seconds to play following a 19-yard pass from Patrick Mahomes to Tyreek Hill.

“The 13 seconds, I remember the Bills called a timeout, I’m looking at Pat and I’m just trying to be discreet as possible to tell him, ‘Hey, if they play it like that, I’m wide open,’” Kelce said. “We get up to the line of scrimmage and Pat is yelling at me to do it. I’m just sitting there looking at him like, ‘Shh! Be quiet, you are telling the whole stadium right now that you’re throwing me the ball. Let’s just keep our composure. I’m gonna do it. I got ya.’”

Here’s that drive that forced overtime and the Chiefs came away with a 42-36 victory at Arrowhead Stadium. You can hear the conversation between Kelce and Mahomes.

Kelce added that he loves playing with Mahomes.

“He was right on the money with it,” Kelce said. “We were making up stuff on the fly and that’s what’s fun, man, about being able to play with the guy like One Five that can just make it happen on the run, and just be great when greatness is needed the most.“

Here is the conversation, and you’ll need to scroll to get to Kelce talking about the 13-second drive.

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