Travis Kelce Gave Taylor Swift an Adorable Shout-Out on His Podcast After Championship Game

The first episode of New Heights, Travis and Jason Kelce’s weekly podcast, has come out since Travis and the Kansas City Chiefs won the AFC Championship on Sunday. Travis did not speak at length about Swift or their moment down on the field post-victory where she kissed him. He and Jason did, however, give her a really cute shout-out.

Jason brought her up, saying, “Shout-out to the newest member of Chiefs Kingdom, Taylor Swift, who has officially reached the Super Bowl in her rookie year.”

Travis laughed and agreed, adding, “Yeah, shout-out to Tay. Thanks for joining the team.”

They also generally spoke about Swift being on the field and part of the group celebrating Travis going to the Super Bowl:

Watch the full episode below:

It has been a very big week for Travis—and fans of his relationship with Swift. Followers learned about two new nicknames they have for each other from their field appearance and got to hear Travis tell Swift he loves her in a video.

Sources spoke to Entertainment Tonight and People about how well Travis and Swift are doing as a couple. “Taylor and Travis are so excited that the Chiefs and Travis are heading to the Super Bowl,” Entertainment Tonight’s source said. “They’re very in love and Taylor is super proud of him. They’re both extremely dedicated and hardworking and understand each other. They are relishing in this moment.”

travis kelce and taylor swift
Patrick Smith - Getty Images

And People’s source said, “It’s obvious, isn’t it? They’re genuinely happy together. She’s there to support him and cheer him on, and she’s fit in seamlessly with everyone he loves.”

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