Traveler accused of stealing wedding band is arrested before boarding flight, TSA says

Brynn Anderson/AP

A traveler accused of stealing another person’s wedding band at an airport was arrested before boarding his flight in New Jersey, the Transportation Security Administration says.

After passing through security, one traveler noticed their wedding band had disappeared from the checkpoint bin they put it inat Newark Liberty International Airport on Sept. 25, according to a TSA news release.

The traveler reported the missing band to a TSA officer, who reviewed security camera footage and “spotted another passenger take the ring,” according to the release.

Airport police were alerted to the theft, and officers promptly followed the man accused of stealing the ring to his departure gate, the agency says.

Police arrested the man and then came back to the security checkpoint to return the wedding band they’d recovered, according to the release.

“This is a story with a happy ending,” Thomas Carter, the TSA’s federal security director for New Jersey, said in a statement. “The video was sharp and there was a clear image of what the thief looked like.”

“The police understood the urgency in tracking down the man before he was able to fly off,” Carter added.

The TSA works with Port Authority police in New York and New Jersey.

The Newark airport is about 10 miles west of New York City.

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