Travel hacks: Expedia, Airlines Reporting Corporation reveal how to save money on hotel bookings

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With much of our travel plans halted over the last 18 months, but the desire to travel still very much present, Expedia and Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC) have revealed the best travel hacks to get the best deals on 2022 hotel bookings, for both domestic and international stays.

Rates for domestic accommodations in Canada dropped in 2020 but prices have been gradually increasing over the past year, particularly with high demand for more local travel, and are higher compared to 2019 rates.

Can I get a deal on hotels if I book on a specific day of the week?

For domestic stays, the lowest average daily rate (ADR) for booking a stay is usually on Tuesdays, which allows you to save about 10 per cent, compared to any bookings made on the most expensive day of the week, Friday.

Looking at international accommodations, booking on a Tuesday can also save you about 10 per cent, compared to booking on a Thursday. 

What is the cheapest day to stay at a hotel? 

The ideal day to check in for your stay at a domestic hotel is Tuesday, in order to save around 10 per cent, compared to beginning your stay on a Friday.

For an international hotel stay, again, checking in on a Tuesday can also save you about 10 per cent, versus checking in on a Thursday.

How important are star ratings for hotels?

One sure-fire way to save on a hotel reservation is to choose a lower star-rated hotel.

You can save an average of about 45 per cent if you opt for a 4-star hotel instead of a 5-star property. Additionally, you can save about 30 per cent is you "down-star" to a 3-star hotel instead of a 4-star property.

How can I save money on a car rental?

A clear trend throughout the COVID-19 pandemic has been travellers taking road trips to explore destinations closer to home, or to visit more generally remote locations.

Expedia’s data shows the best day to book a car rental is on a Thursday for domestic trips.

If you're booking a car for an international journey, the cheapest day to book a car rental is a Friday.

In terms of the day you actually want to pick up your rented vehicle, starting your reservation on a Monday is cheaper for domestic bookings, or Saturdays for international trips.

Is is cheaper to book flights and hotels at the same time?

If you're booking a trip through Expedia, you can get an even greater discount if you book your flight and hotel stay at the same time. This "bundling" tactic can save you around 10 per cent.

Additionally, travellers who sign up to the Expedia App can access up to 10 per cent savings with mobile-exclusive hotel deals.

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