Trailer released for Michelle Keegan’s new Harlan Coben Netflix thriller

michelle keegan, fool me once
Trailer released for Michelle Keegan Netflix showVISHAL SHARMA - Netflix

Fool Me Once, the new Netflix series starring Michelle Keegan and Richard Armitage, has released its first trailer.

The series is based on Harlan Coben's 2016 best-selling novel, with the plot following a grief-stricken mother, Maya (Keegan), who is coming to terms with the murder of her husband, Joe (Armitage).

Her grief turns to confusion, however, when she sees a man resembling her husband enter her house. Meanwhile, Maya's niece and nephew are trying to find the truth about their mother's murder, examining the possibility that the two cases are connected.

michelle keegan, fool me once

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The action-packed trailer begins with Maya's life being turned upside down following the apparent murder of Joe, before the wheels are set in motion as she views the footage from a secret camera, with a conspiracy also looming on the horizon.

Coben, whose works are being adapted by Netflix as part of a collaborative deal, recently spoke about Keegan's role in the series, saying the actor was perfectly cast for the part of the grief-stricken Maya.

"She's terrific. She's also just a great person, but to have her as your number one and be able to bring, every day, something positive to the set, everyone loved her," he said. "She's exactly what you think she's going to be. She's really great.

michelle keegan, fool me once

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"I knew a bit about her beforehand, but obviously I don't know her as well as my British counterparts. I took a deep dive when we were discussing who to play the role, and she really delivered - she works so hard and she's also just a delight on set."

In addition to Keegan and Armitage, Fool Me Once also stars Adeel Akhtar, Joanna Lumley, Emmett J Scanlan and Dino Fetscher. Danny Brocklehurst is handling the script, with Nimer Rashed and David Moore on directing duties.

Fool Me Once premieres on Netflix on January 1, 2024.

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