Trail counters give insight into pedestrian traffic along the Georgian Trail

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The Town of the Blue Mountains (TBM) is keeping tabs on the traffic flow along the Georgian Trail.

“We saw more than 60,000 trail users through November and December,” said Ryan Gibbons, director of community services for TBM.

Last fall, town staff installed trail counters along the Georgian Trail at Lora Bay, Bruce Street, Camperdown Road and Craiglieth Heritage Depot.

The ECO-Visio trial counters will continue to collect data going forward and town staff hope to build a data bank of pedestrian traffic counts year-after-year.

“As we're getting more familiar with the new software for the trail counters, we'll be able to further refine these numbers moving forward and look forward to having a good data set to be able to provide year-over-year statistics,” Gibbons added.

According to Gibbons, the trail counters are also able to distinguish between walkers, runners and cyclists.

This will be the first time the town has continuously collected data along the trail. However, the Georgian Cycle and Trail Association independently placed trail counters for one month last summer.

According to the association, last July 4,246 pedestrians and 4,061 cyclists passed the Craigleith Depot on the Georgian Trail.

In addition, 18,573 pedestrians and 1,186 cyclists were counted crossing the trestle bridge in Thornbury.

Jennifer Golletz, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter,