‘Trail of blood’ and unlocked door lead to discovery of dead man, Texas police say

Screengrab from KHOU 11's video

Police officers followed a “trail of blood” to an unlocked apartment door and found a man inside who had been fatally shot, Texas authorities said.

Houston police were dispatched to a shooting at an apartment complex just before 3 a.m. on Sunday, Jan. 29, a spokesperson for the Houston Police Department said at a news conference recorded by KHOU 11.

When the officers arrived at the apartment, they found a “trail of blood” leading to the street, officials said in the news conference. Officers also noticed a man who was “acting suspiciously” before he fled the scene on foot.

Officers tried to locate the man but could not, the department spokesperson said.

Officers then located the apartment where the shooting took place and found the door unlocked, the spokesperson said.

Police officers entered the apartment to conduct a welfare check, they said. Inside, they found a man in his twenties who “appeared to be deceased” lying on the floor, per the news conference.

The Houston Fire Department confirmed the man died from several gunshot wounds to the chest, police said.

Police say there is evidence another person was shot in the apartment, but they don’t know the person’s identity or condition.

The man’s death is being investigated as a homicide, but the circumstances surrounding the shooting remain unclear, police said. Officers are searching for suspects.

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