Traffic queues and police escort as Boeing 727 takes to the roads in UK

A massive 40 metre plane, loaded on the back of a trailer, was driven between Cotswold Airport and Bristol on Saturday (February 27) under escort by British police. Taking up two lanes, the plane, built in 1968, navigated the Air Balloon Roundabout in Gloucestershire before taking to the M5 motorway. At one point, a "give way" was struck by the tail of the plane as it circled the roundabout. The plane is being re-located for use by Bristol tech-entrepreneur Johnny Palmer as office space for his company, PYTCH. The precarious operation began at 9am on Saturday morning when it left the airport in Kemble. New, the aircraft would have cost £40m but Palmer got a deal due to the lack of engines and wings. Palmer intends for the plane to be an example of sustainable upcycling.