These Trader Joe's Mounted Staghorn Ferns Free Up Your Floor Space

At $16 each, it's the perfect addition to your plant family.

If you love houseplants but you're running out of floor space, Trader Joe’s has just the thing. The grocer is bringing back the customer-favorite wall-mounted staghorn fern, and you can snag one now for $16.

What makes these plants so unique is how versatile they are for decorating. These particular staghorn ferns can be hung up on a wall, or they also have stand in the back to display on a shelf or tabletop.

Instagram user @trader.joes.plants recently spotted the coveted plant in stores:

Trader Joe’s staghorn ferns do well with moderate light and consistently moist (but not soggy) soil, according to the directions on the product. Though a word of caution: This is an advanced plant. Staghorn ferns need consistent monitoring to flourish, so they will definitely test your green thumb. According to University of Wisconsin-Madison, though they need consistent moisture, staghorn ferns can rot easily if overwatered.

It's also worth mentioning that $16 is on the high end for a Trader Joe's plant. But staghorn ferns can grow quite large if taken care of correctly. Just ask Joanna Gaines. She shared her 26-year-old staghorn fern named Earle with Instagram last year, and fans fell in love.

If you’re looking for something a little less labor-intensive, Trader Joe’s is currently selling mixed foliage mini van planters and cuddle cactus plants, which are generally easier to keep. Or if you're looking for something less permanent, you can never go wrong with a bunch of Trader Joe’s fresh-cut flowers to brighten up a room.

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