Tracy Morgan Says 'Fist Fight' Movie Role Helped Recovery but 'I'll Never Be 100 Percent'

It has been more than two-and-a-half years since Tracy Morgan was severely injured in a six-vehicle  accident in New Jersey that resulted in the death of his friend and collaborator James McNair. And while Morgan has since recovered from the horrific crash — having hosted Saturday Night Live in 2015 — he’s only just now reappearing in movie theaters, courtesy of this month’s Ice Cube-versus-Charlie Day comedy Fist Fight. And in advance of that film’s impending release, he sat down with Yahoo Movies to talk about his long-awaited return to the big screen.

In a new interview with our Kevin Polowy, Morgan — after pleasing co-star Jillian Bell by reprising his most famous SNL character, Brian Fellow — confesses that his transition back to movie acting was a relatively smooth one, thanks in large part to his great cast and crew mates, who made the process so easy. While he says he’ll never quite be 100 percent again (after having lost his friend in such a tragic way), he admits that his show business life has provided a “safe haven” in which he can feel comfortable – as well as be his usual funny self, which he definitely is once more in Fist Fight, according to director Richie Keen and stars Ice Cube and Charlie Day.

To hear Morgan discuss his current condition, check out our video above. Fist Fight lands in theaters on Feb. 17.