Toyota Supra Crashes on New Jersey Parkway and Flips Through the Air

toyota supra rear
NJ Supra Crashes and Flips Through the AirToyota

This is how quickly things can go wrong on a highway. In this video posted by the Lakewood Scoop, you can see a Toyota Supra either in the process of losing control, making a very evasive maneuver, or executing a hasty pass on the right all the way onto the shoulder, past the shoulder, nearly into the woods, and then back down onto the highway just in time to collect the barrier nearly head-on.

The crash occurred on the Garden State Parkway in Aberdeen, New Jersey on Thursday morning. Per the Lakewood Scoop, the New Jersey State Police say that "the driver sustained moderate injuries and was transported to a local hospital."

We love the Toyota Supra and have run it many times on track. It's great! It has good power, strong grip, and rewarding handling, particularly with a manual transmission. Unfortunately though, it is not some kind of miracle machine.

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