Town Council News – October 25, 2023

All members present.

CAO Report

· Staff continue to work on the Alberta Disaster Recovery Program paperwork and requirements.

· Staff will start to work on Light Up preparations in the next couple of weeks for the November 30 event.

· Working with the Director of Protective Services on supplying information and completing a survey for the Alberta Association of Community Peace Officers on their study regarding the safety of and safety tools available to Community Peace Officers.

· The Alberta Municipal Services Corporation Power+ contract has been signed and returned with the new prices to start on January 1, 2024.

· Working on budget preparations for the various departments.

· Working on Capital and operational funding plans.

Operations And Infrastructure

· The water main break on Watson Crescent has been repaired.

· Pothole patching is ongoing as weather allows.

· Maintenance sewer flushing continues.

· Soil and grass have been installed on the sidewalk and stairs behind the Town Office.

· The reservoir project is still on hold, awaiting engineering. No date to resume has been provided at this time.

· Fire hydrant flushing throughout town is complete.

· Winter equipment inspection and maintenance is now complete.

· PW is working with Alberta Parks on installing the new fire pits at the Freeman River and Trapper Lea's Cabin before next season.

· The arena will be operational the week of October 24.

· The Town Office HVAC systems have been serviced prior to the winter season.

· All open positions in Public Works are now filled.


· Councillors Watson and Clermont attended a Community Matters meeting on October 23. Topics of discussion included the upcoming Boat and Sportsmen’s Show in March.

· Councillors LaBerge and Kuyek attended a Chamber of Commerce meeting on October 12. Grimlin Contracting won the 2023 Entrepreneurship Award with 56% of the votes. A couple of Chamber members will be stepping down at the AGM in November, and it is unclear at this time whether there will be enough active board members to continue.

-Councillors LaBerge and Kuyek also attended an Economic Development Committee meeting on October 16. Members will take a closer look around town to take note of items that could use some repairs or sprucing up to make Swan Hills look more welcoming and inviting to visitors. There was also some discussion of what items or issues might be challenges to attracting businesses and/or projects to Swan Hills (Is there enough available housing? What are the childcare options currently available? etc.).

· Councillor Goebel will attend a knowledge session with RhPAP (Rural Health Professionals Action Plan) about internationally educated nurses on October 26.

Dean LaBerge, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Grizzly Gazette