'The Tower' sneak peek: 'You look tired, Sarah'

Gemma Whelan stars in a new Britbox mystery

Video Transcript

- You look tired, Sarah.

- I'm fine.

- Is everything all right on the home front?

- Everything's fine.

- Your ex, apparently she's had a baby.

- That's right. His name's Matthew.

- I can't imagine, but I think that'd be difficult. You two were together a long time.

- I'm not sure I understand your point.

- That you're under emotional stress and it's affecting your judgment.

- My judgment is fine, thanks. My concern is that this investigation is being manipulated to a conclusion already being pushed by the press and may I say by you, sir. That this whole thing is the fault of a deranged teenager. That is not how any investigation should be run. So on the record, I repeat my request for directed surveillance on DI Shaw.

- Do you ever wonder why you're still at the S, Sarah, at your age?

- Because I can't tell jokes to blokes in bars.

- Excuse me, sir. Jess just called. [INAUDIBLE] are in a car. Jess found the place. He tracked the car on the NPR. It's sitting on a seafront in [INAUDIBLE].

- Well, aren't you lucky, Sarah? Get back get down there now and grab her. Sarah, I meant it. lucky.

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