The Tourist's Jamie Dornan on major reason he said yes to season 2

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The Tourist star on why he said yes to season 2BBC

The Tourist season 2 appealed to star Jamie Dornan because it was made locally.

While speaking to RadioTimes and other press about the return of his amnesiac character Elliot Stanley, the actor, who is from Northern Ireland, was asked about the deciding factors that got him back onboard for another series.

"My thinking was, 'Where are we going? Like, if we're doing this, where are we going?'" began Dornan.

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"Because it was a bit of an upheaval to go to Australia, and the idea of going again so soon after... I mean, [creators Jack and Harry Williams] don't have kids, I have three kids. And I took them all with me, they went to school there, it was a big thing family-wise to do that. And the idea of doing that again so soon wasn't hugely appealing.

"But luckily, Jack and Harry had plans to make it something closer to home, and I probably approved those plans pretty quickly," he continued.

The second season finds Elliot and PC Helen Chambers (Danielle Macdonald) in rugged Irish terrain as opposed to the baking hot outback of Oz; attempting to uncover the secrets of the former's past.

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Dornan, who admitted to being "quite jealous" of Robert Pattinson this year, then acknowledged it made natural sense to dive back into the muddled mind of Elliot, given the fanbase The Tourist garnered with its debut season.

"We knew there was a want for it, because there was a big reaction from the public here and certainly Australia, and definitely in the States a bit. So if there's an appetite for it and a good story to tell and it was closer to home, then I was in," he said.

"I read that first script, and it hasn't deviated much from the very early draft that I read, what we ended up shooting. I just thought it was f***ing mad, just the way they are, and funny and confusing. So there were enough good elements for me to go again."

The Tourist series 1 is streaming on BBC iPlayer and available on DVD and Blu-ray, while the second season premieres om New Year's Day.

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