This clever tool helps you avoid touching door handles

Anya Meyerowitz
·2 min read
This viral TikTok gadget allows you to be totally touch free. (Getty Images)
This viral TikTok gadget allows you to be totally touch free. (Getty Images)

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We’ve all become more cautious of germs over the past few months and we’ve grown increasingly aware of just how many people touch things like public door handles or supermarket self-service screens. These are just a couple examples of actions that have us reaching for the anti-bac.

But TikTok has alerted us to one possible solution for our worries: ‘No Touch Keys’.

More and more often we’re turning to TikTok as a source of insight into what’s worth buying.

From the genius pet hair remover to the £5.50 avocado cutter that went viral in a big way on the social media platform, if it’s worth investing in, the TikTok community will let you know.

We appreciate that neither of the above items are relevant to everyone, but the latest must-have product to start taking over the app is something that we all could benefit from.

TikTok users around the world have been uploading videos to the app, demonstrating how they use ‘No Touch Keys’.

Carrying one of these clever little gadgets with you means that you can use it to hook open doors, press buttons and reduce overall contact with items that might be harbouring germs.

And best of all? You simply attach it to your wallet, cardholder or belt so that the lightweight object is with you whenever you need it.

Videos showing users demonstrating the use of the product have racked up millions of views and thousands of likes and comments.

User @confettidarling has uploaded no less than four videos gushing about the hands-free tool and her followers seem to share her excitement.

“OMG. Need this in my life,” wrote one fan, while another added: “I’m about to order one for everyone I know.”

Though there are lots of different versions, the iSOUL Copper Contactless Door Opener Tool is a bestseller here in the UK and costs just £7.95.

Buy it: iSOUL Copper Contactless Door Opener Tool | £7.95 from Amazon

Reviews on Amazon seem to reflect the enthusiasm of social media users.

“Fantastic item that has given me the reassurance when venturing out and about, can be used on cash machines, shopping keypads and also use for doors. Would recommend this product,” wrote one.

While another added: “Brilliant product, well made, opens doors a treat and works on touch screens and keypads perfect for avoiding heavily touched objects during this pandemic.”