Some totally ridiculous trade ideas to spice up the MLB trade deadline

Does Asdrubal Cabrera getting traded to the Philadelphia Phillies make your entire day? Is the Arizona Diamondbacks’ trade for Eduardo Escobar already in your MLB Trade Deadline 2018 scrapbook? Did your world stop when J.A. Happ joined the New York Yankees? Are you really just waiting to see what happens next with Brad Brach?

If you answered “yes” to all these questions, then maybe your 2018 MLB trade deadline doesn’t need to be spiced up. Maybe this is all the excitement you need. Carry on. Go hit the next story about the top 10 prospects the Brewers might move in a big trade before Tuesday’s deadline.

But if you’re looking for something a little stronger — something with a little more pizazz —  then follow me to this week’s installment of my Open Mike video series where we’re talking about totally ridiculous trade ideas before the MLB trade deadline.

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No diss to J.A. Happ or Eduardo Escobar (who is pretty good), but this trade deadline is not exactly carrying the excitement of NBA free agency. But some of my ideas might make things a little more fun.

Why can’t the Baltimore Orioles forego their normal slowwwwww moving trade talks and just have a garage sale. (I’d watch that reality show, btw). Why can’t Jerry Dipoto trade for cartoonish weapons to slow down the red-hot Oakland Athletics?

We’ve reached the point where we’re letting players take selfies on the field at the All-Star game, so using Mario Kart props is a slippery slope I completely endorse.

So while you’re waiting for the next big MLB trade to happen — ohhhh, Kyle Gibson — let’s ponder a world where the Mets could actually trade for good-luck charms.

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