EF2 tornado confirmed in Ontario after destructive long-weekend storm

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EF2 tornado confirmed in Ontario after destructive long-weekend storm

An EF-2 tornado has been confirmed in Uxbridge, Ontario after the Northern Tornadoes Project (NTP) surveyed a long, narrow path of damage in the city.

NTP estimates that the path of damage measures 4.26 kilometres in length with a maximum width of 260 metres. The tornado likely occurred around 1:15 EDT with a maximum speed of 195 km/h.


The organization states that this tornado’s length could possibly be extended after additional damage east of Uxbridge is further analyzed.

NTP is a partnership between engineers at Western University and Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) and focuses on detecting tornadoes across Canada.


The Town of Uxbridge, east of Toronto, declared a local state of emergency due to the extensive damage, which includes downed power lines, uprooted trees, and extensive property damage.

Strong winds were the cause of the destruction and one gust was recorded at an intense speed of 195 km/h.


Though the damage was extensive across the Ottawa region as well, NTP confirmed Wednesday morning that a tornado did not touch down amid Saturday's storms.

"Analysis of the data reveals that a particularly intense downburst, not a tornado, was responsible for the damage there, with maximum wind speeds reaching 190 km/h (EF2)," NTP tweeted.

Over 100,000 customers in the Ottawa-Gatineau region were still without power early Wednesday morning, with officials expecting the clean-up to take weeks.

See below for a look at the damages that occurred across Ontario during the storm:

Thumbnail credit: Northern Tornadoes Project

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