SC has been obsessed with these Google search topics in 2022 the most, new report shows

Matt Rourke/AP

Many South Carolinians wanted to change careers or better themselves with new skills this year, Google’s annual search report shows.

Google released its 22nd annual Year in Search on Wednesday, which offers insights into what people have been interested in the most across the globe.

South Carolinians in 2022 mainly used top terms in search categories like ‘how to learn …’ and ‘how to be …,’ the report shows.

“The data shows South Carolinians were eager to better themselves, learn new skills, and take on new challenges this year,” a Google press release states.

Google also provided search data on certain regions of South Carolina.

For instance, the top trending ‘near me’ search in the Columbia area in 2022 was ‘earthquakes.’ The search trend is understandable, given that the area has experienced dozens of earthquakes this year. South Carolina typically has between six and 10 earthquakes each year, the South Carolina Geological Survey has said.

Google data also shows that the Florence area was the only place in the U.S. that had ‘best tattoo shops’ in its top trending ‘near me’ searches. The Charleston area was the only place in the country that had ‘newt’ as its top trending animal.

Meanwhile, historic events that happened in 2022 drove global trends, with people searching about politics, world leaders and other international issues. The top three news searches globally were ‘Ukraine,’ ‘Queen Elizabeth passing,’ and ‘Election results,’ the press release states.

However, people still searched the most for enjoyment, with ‘Wordle’ being the top trending search topic for 2022 worldwide.

Here are the highlights from 2022 trending Google searches in South Carolina.

How to become (career):

  • Substitute teacher

  • Law professor

  • Notary in GA

  • Aesthetic nurse

  • Patent attorney

  • Neurologist

  • Bail bondsman

  • Freight broker in SC

  • Cosmetic nurse

  • Athletic trainer

How to learn:

  • Cyber security

  • To ride a motorcycle without owning one

  • Guitar with Rocksmith

  • Greek phrases

  • Spanish on your own

  • Guitar music theory

  • ASL at home

  • Computer skills

  • To play piano

  • Violin

How to move to:

  • Mexico