Top Five Friday: Fall Office Style

Enjoying a cozy fall day. (Getty Images)

It sure looks like Hybrid work is here to stay, can we all rejoice for a moment! That means we can hang on to those yoga pants, but how can you stay trendy, comfortable and ready for the days you need to be in the office? We all need to get what NPD Group calls our “hybrid wardrobe” together.

  1. Have clothes that can be dressed up or dressed down. T-shirts can have their moment, for work throw on a blazer with some smart jewelry then change it up for after work drinks.

  2. Sneakers are no longer a no-no. Take a long dress or a crisp pair of pants, pair it with clean and sleek sneakers you’ll be comfortable all day long.

  3. Jeans can still be a winner in your OOTD. Styles are always evolving for denim, from skinny jeans to a looser fit - it can always be dressed up or down.

  4. Don’t forget about the jumpsuit or romper. These are the penultimate in comfort, kind of like you’re still wearing your pajamas. Your biggest problem will likely be trips to the ‘loo.

  5. Flats are fun. You don’t need to feel like your feet are bound in restrictive footwear, take a look at flirty, fancy and quite frankly more practical shoes.