Top Your Cedar Plank Salmon With Orange Slices For A Citrusy Kick

cedar plank salmon with spices
cedar plank salmon with spices - Joshua Resnick/Shutterstock

Cooking foods with cedar planks can bring earthy, woody flavors and aromas to dishes, and when paired with the bright, zesty addition of an orange, you're destined for meals that can classify as gourmet. By combining the buttery, fleshy fillet of a salmon, in particular, this delicious pairing is one you'll be repeating all year long.

Whether you decide to prepare a citrus glaze with orange, squeeze a fresh orange directly onto the fish, or cut slices to cook alongside your salmon pieces, adding the extra ingredient can help you put together a tasty recipe without much effort. Follow Michelle McGlinn's cedar plank-baked salmon recipe to create a glaze with bourbon, brown sugar, and cayenne, then lay pieces of sliced orange on top of each fillet, or use orange juice to make a glaze with honey, your choice of tamari or soy sauce, fresh herbs like thyme, and a thickener like arrowroot flour.

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A Flavor Combination That Begs For More

orange glazed salmon with oranges
orange glazed salmon with oranges - Fudio/Getty Images

After trying the peppy flavor combination of salmon and citrus, you may find yourself including red chili flakes to turn up the volume of heat or using chili crunch to build a satisfying texture in your recipes. For a more aromatic flavor profile, invite ginger into the mix by topping your salmon filets with grated garlic, fresh ginger, and orange zest, and consider adding a touch of maple syrup to bring forward a sweeter note. A sweet-and-spicy dish is always one to be quickly scooped up, so you may want to set a bit of the glaze off to the side to use again. If you're using the cedar plank, just remember to soak the wood before cooking, so that there's no chance of it catching alight.

Garnish each dish with extra sprinkles of salt and pepper, and for a colorful presentation, serve it with slices of orange or light shavings of orange peel. With a recipe this bright to look at and to taste, you may be inspired to add orange zest to more of your culinary projects.

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