Tomi Lahren Admits Abortion and Weed Are Issues That Could Win Biden the Election | Video

Tomi Lahren mocked Vice President Kamala Harris on Fox News for holding a roundtable on Friday with rapper Fat Joe over marijuana sentencing reforms, but admitted weed legalization is one issue that might be the path to victory in November.

“Apparently they’re trying to appeal to younger voters. Is that the way to do it and is that the right priority to hold?” asked “Outnumbered” host Emily Compagno.

“I think this week, things have become very apparent that Kamala Harris cannot address certain issues like the border, but she can address two things that seem to be Democrat Disneyland, which is abortion and weed,” Lahren said. “And that is what the Democratic Party things of their voters. They think those are the issues that are going to get you out [to the polls], abortion and weed.”

“Unfortunately, they might not be wrong. And it might be a winning strategy for the Democrats,” she admitted. “If they can play on those two issues, it gets people out to vote that might otherwise stay home. Weed and abortion. Sad reality, but it might be true.”

Patrick J. Murphy, a former Pennsylvania congressman and lawyer, added, “It’s a different world out there. Dozens of these states have medical marijuana, and it’s legalized now.” He mentioned that Republican Rep. Scott Perry is in favor of setting a federal standard, instead of the state-by-state approach.

Compagno added, “Yes, sentencing reform is important. But is it more important than the pain Americans are feeling right now with inflation?”

In his recent State of the Union address, Biden said he has asked his cabinet to review the federal classification of marijuana He also said he is in favor of “expunging thousands of convictions for the mere possession, because no one should be jailed for simply using.” He added that past possession charges should be “wiped off your record.”

At the White House discussion on Friday, Harris said it’s “absurd” and “patently unfair” that by current federal laws, “marijuana is considered as dangerous as heroin and more dangerous than fentanyl.”

Watch the whole Fox News exchange in the video above.

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