Tom and Jenkin leave the Big Brother House

Jenkin has left Big Brother credit:Bang Showbiz
Jenkin has left Big Brother credit:Bang Showbiz

Tom and Jenkin have been evicted from 'Big Brother'.

The duo have become the latest contestants to leave the house, while Jordan has been saved by the public following a vote.

Jenkin, Jordan and Tom were all 'fake' evicted in recent days - but they were actually sent to Big Brother's Last Chance Jail House, where they were able to watch their fellow housemates before the results of the vote were revealed.

In his final comments to the other housemates, Jenkin said: "My opinions have changed of you all. I feel like I'm watching a children's programme. You all need to stay true to yourselves."

Meanwhile, Tom confessed to having mixed feelings about his housemates and what he'd witnessed over recent days.

He said: "It feels like you guys are losing yourselves a bit now. But I do genuinely wish you all the best!"

Jenkin was actually the first contestant to join the new 'Big Brother' house, and he previously claimed that he only applied to be on the show because he felt bored.

Asked why he wanted to appear on 'Big Brother', he replied: "I was bored and I thought I'd do something different, give it a whirl."

Jekin also confessed to feeling nervous about appearing on the show.

The 25-year-old barman - who hails from Bridgend in Wales - said: "I'm looking forward to it but I'm also dreading it as well because I'm like, 'Oh, how is this gonna go...' but it will be fine."