Tom Hanks wasn't the only legendary actor up for 'Big' role

Nick Paschal
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Tom Hanks has played a number of iconic movie parts, but one of his first major roles was on the 1988 film, Big. But apparently Hanks wasn’t the only person up for that role. On Watch What Happens Live WIth Andy Cohen, Jeff Bridges admitted that he was also up for consideration for Hanks’s childish character.

Andy was clearing up some rumors that Bridges had been considered for some huge roles. The host asked whether the rumors that Bridges was up for roles such as Keanu Reeves’s character in Speed and Michael Keaton’s Batman were true. The Big Lebowski star denied all the rumors — except for one. Andy asked him, “Rumored to have been considered for the lead in the movie Big in ’88?” and Bridges replied, “Considered? Yes. I think so.” The legendary actor admitted that it ended there, added that he was not offered the job.

Hanks, Bridges or Quaid

Surprisingly, he is not the first actor to tell Andy on WWHL that he had a chance at Big. Dennis Quaid was on the show back in April, and when Andy asked whether there was a role that Quaid had passed up that he wished he didn’t, the actor said the part in Big.

While Bridges may have missed out on Big, there’s another “big” movie he’s down to do. A viewer called in and asked Bridges if he would consider doing a Big Lebowski sequel, and “The Dude” said all it would take is the Coen brothers saying they want to do a sequel. So we think we can speak for everyone when we say, “Joel and Ethan, please write a Big Lebowski sequel!”

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