Tom Cruise and 'Mission: Impossible 6' Trio In New Photo Shared by Film's Director From New Zealand

Tom Cruise and Co. in ‘Mission: Impossible 6’ (Photo: Christopher McQuarrie/Instagram)

Tom Cruise may not have scared up much interest in The Mummy — and, by extension, the “Dark Universe” series of interconnected Universal monster movies it was meant to initiate — but he’ll be back on more familiar terrain later this year in American Made, a based-on-real-events crime saga from his Edge of Tomorrow helmer Doug Liman. After that, he’ll really be returning to his big-screen bread and butter with Mission: Impossible 6, the upcoming installment in his decades-spanning action-espionage franchise. And following numerous prior images from the set, we now have one signaling that production is re-locating to a favorite locale.

On the heels of many previous social-media images, director Christopher McQuarrie has taken to his official Instagram page to share a snapshot of his primary cast — Cruise, Simon Pegg, Rebecca Ferguson, and Ving Rhames — looking like they’re ready to scale some monumental height or tackle some unthinkable task. As McQuarrie’s accompanying message indicates, the film is done shooting in New Zealand (which has been the setting for all previous images), and is ready to travel back to England, where more than one prior Mission: Impossible has taken place.

“Kia Ora to the people of New Zealand — with a special thanks to our local crew who helped us achieve the Impossible. Leave a light on, London. We’re coming home. #MI6

Given Mission: Impossible 6’s serious social-media presence so far, one can be sure that more behind-the-scenes photos are on their way in the near future. The film is due in theaters on July 27, 2018.

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